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Item #ADV50: EDISON MAZDA LAMP TAPE MEASURE. Wonderful celluloid advertising thermometer in near perfect condition. Light bulb and sun are shown shining near the earth, Says, "His Only Rival". 1.5 inch diameter. Reverse has advertising for an Ogden Electrical Company of Ogden, Utah. c. 1910. SOLD

Item #ADV13: STUDEBAKER PINBACK. Red spoked wheel on cream background, with old Studebaker logo. Slight damage on lower edge. Otherwise, condition excellent. SOLD

Item #ADV12: BUSTER BROWN SHOES PINBACK. Celluloid pinback depicts Buster Brown and Tige. Says "Buster Brown Blue Ribbon Shoes". Paper inside back has Buster Brown trademark. Excellent condition. $50.00

Item #ADV14: SOUTH BEND WATCH CO. PINBACK. Pinback shows a pocket watch suspended in a block of ice. Reads "South Bend Watch Co, South Bend, Ind". Edge reads, "Bastian Bros. Co., Rochester, N.Y. Excellent condition.SOLD.

Item #ADV15:DR. BELL'S PINE TAR HONEY. A bell-shaped aluminum watch fob ornament. It reads "Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Hoeny. It cures coughs". Identical on both sides. The words "Pine Tar" are slightly faded on each side. $12.00.

Item #ADV16:KELLOGG'S FUNNY JUNGLELAND. Patented in 1907 and published in 1909. Inside are drawings of dressed animals. The book is divided into horizontal strips, so that you may arrange an elephant's head on a horse's body with a giraffe's legs, etc. There is a horizontal fold across the book and many minor small tears around the edge. In addtion, there are faint pencil scribblings on one edge of the cover. Inside images are all intact, and accompanied by funny poems. Kellogg's cereal is subtly plugged wherever possible, and the back cover has a sweet ad for Kellogg's Toasted Corn Flakes. Neat old advertising piece! $35.00

Item #PAV1:QUICK EASY JELL-O RECIPE BOOKLET. Jell-o recipe pamphlet published in 1930. Shows a row of maids holding jell-o desserts.on front and back cover. Inside recipes and color illustrations. 23 pages. Condition is very good, with one tiny missing chip in upper left of cover, and one .25 inch tear in right side of front cover. $15.00

Item #PAV2:THRIFTY JELL-O RECIPES. Jell-o recipe booklet published in 1931. Cover shows housewife arranging Jell-o dishes. 23 pages, with color illustrations. Very fine condition, small dirt spot on back cover. $15.00

Item # 5027: MORTON SALT ADVERTISING CLIP. Blue litho with metal clip, featuring girl with umbrella logo and "Morton's Iodized Salt". Edge says "Lou Fox, Chicago". Some edge wear, but none visible from the front. 1 1/4 inch diameter. c. 1930s. SOLD .

Item # 5028: MORTON SALT ADVERTISING CLIP. White litho with metal clip, featuring box of Morton Salt and slogan "When It Rains It Pours". Edge says "Lou Fox, Chicago". Disc in very fine condition, some wear to clip. 1 1/4 inch diameter. c. 1930s. $23.00.

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