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Item#AT31: OHIO ART SAND PAIL WITH SHOVEL. This toy just screams "sixties"! Purple, pink, yellow and green fish on multicolored background. Matching shovel has fish too. Excellent condition. SOLD.

Item#AT30:CHEIN WIND UP PENGUIN. Dressed in a red tailcoat, this 4 inch high penguin waddles when wound up. Made by Chein c. 1950. Excellent condition.SOLD.

Item#AT6: SIGNED AND NUMBERED LITHOGRAPHED TIN BANK. Little bank shaped like a drum, features marching children, piggy banks and coins. 3 inches high, signed Fern Bisel Peat, and numbered 16/101. One tiny paint chip on side, and small amount of rust on top rim. Key is included. SOLD

Item#AT7: LITHOGRAPHED TIN SPACE TOY. Tin litho amusement park ride-type toy has little rocket ships that revolve around the base, under a canopy. Lever action toy. Space ships are piloted by a spaceman, a robot, a dog and an alien. The base is meant to look like the surface of the moon. Column is decorated with comets, planets, stars, flying saucers, spacemen, space stations and rocket ships, as is the canopy. Under the canopy is an observation deck, and silhouettes of people are visible in the windows. Unsigned. Moderate amount of rust underneath the canopy. Neat toy! SOLD

Item #7002: CHEIN MUSICAL TOY CHURCH. Very unusual toy by J. Chein and Co. Tin litho. Shaped like cathedral and ornately decorated to look like a church, with steeple, stained glass windows, tile floor and pipe organ. Turn crank on side and it plays organ music. Beautiful sound quality. 9 1/4 in. tall, with red wooden handle on crank. Signed "J. Chein & Co., made in USA" on bottom. Fine condition with very little paint missing. 1937. SOLD.

Item #5107: MONKEY BANK. J. Chein mechanical bank. Fine condition. Tin litho monkey holds bank in one hand, tips hat with other hand when coin is deposited. Base says "Thank You". Wearing red jacket with gold trim, gold hat. 5 in. tall, one scratch on raised arm. Signed "J. Chein and Co., Made in USA" on back. c. 1950s SOLD

Item #4835: DANCER Mechanical toy, by Louis Marx. Tin litho toy operated by pulling a sawtooth tool through a slot in the toy. Fine condition. Dancer in blue green, red and yellow dress and red and white ballet shoes whirls on her toes. 5 1/2 in. tall, tool is 6 1/4 in. long. Few scratches on face and hem of dress. Signed "Marx Toys, Made in United States of America". c. 1940s.SOLD

Item # 5106: BALKY MULE Marx tin litho windup. Excellent condition. Farmer drives two wheel farm cart pulled by two mules. Brown mules and wagon, farmer dressed in brown overalls with yellow shirt and red neckerchief. Wagon has black and white striped tires on silver hubs with red and yellow decorations. 10 in. long. Signed "Marx, Made in The United States" on each mule. c. 1950s. $200.00

Item #5160: TOOTSIETOY STUDEBAKER LARK CONVERTIBLE. Green, 3 1/2 inches long. C8-9 condition.SOLD


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