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Item#CT44: HERBY FIGURINE Little figurine of Herby stands just 2.25 inches high and is incised "Herby, Made In Japan" on the back. SOLD .

Item#CHAR5: SMOKEY BEAR MUG. Mug with figural handle and raised design says, "I LIke Milk" and "F is For Forests. Keep fire Away!". Some general crazing, and small hole in mouth of figural handle (where pipe went?). Otherwise, very good condition. Signed WKAYC. SOLD

Item#CHAR6: TOM MIX SLIDING WHISTLE RING. Rare and desirable radio premium. ADjustable ring has whistle on top. Slide the whitle to adjust the pitch. Condition is good, with some wear on plating. Still presentable and it works!SOLD .

Item #7004: WYANDOTTE HUMPHREYMOBILE. Tin litho windup toy. Comic character riding a bicycle and towing a house behind him. House has slanted yellow roof, smokestack and back door that opens. 7 1/4 in. tall, 8 1/4 in. long. Signed "Wyandotte Toys, Made in USA, Reg. US Pat. Off.". c. 1940's. Fine condition with slight paint wear on wheels and small amount of surface rust on rear platform. $650.00

Item #7001: POPEYE CANDY PAIL. Tin litho candy pail picturing beach scene with Popeye, Olive Oil, Swee'pea, Wimpy, and a striped cat pulling a duck on a leash. Olive and Swee'pea are building a Popeye statue of sand while Popeye and Wimpy play leapfrog. Pail is 3 in. high (4 1/2 in. including handle). Lobster embossed on bottom of pail. Says "Popeye At The Beach" along the side. Signed "1933 - 36 King Features Syndicate Inc." c. 1930's. Fine condition, small amount of rust on inside bottom surface. SOLD

Item #5040: BIG LITTLE BOOK. "Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble", pub. by Whitman, 1967. Pictures Bugs, Elmer Fudd and Tasmanian Devil on front cover. Inside filled with full color cartoon illustrations. Fine condition. 1967. SOLD

Item #5044: CHILDREN'S BOOK. "Uncle Wiggly's Snowball Ride", published by Whitman, 1933. Pictures Uncle Wiggly riding on a snowball on cover. Inside filled with full color illustrations. 6 1/2 inches X 7 inches. Very Good condition (Some wear and tear to binding) 1933.SOLD

Item #LG005: HOWDY DOODY'S TV GAME. Made by Milton Bradley. "A visit to Howdy's own T.V. studio!" 1950's. Game and board are complete and near mint. Box has four taped corners, and box top is separated from the sides in three places. SOLD

Item #5063: BUGS BUNNY RACE IN SPACE. Made by Whitman, licensed by Warner Brothers. "Deliver 4 carrots first to win!" 1980. Game complete and unused (pieces still sealed in original plastic bag), box has one split corner, taped. SOLD

Item #5079: YOGI BEAR PRESENTS SNAGGLEPUSS FUN AT THE PICNIC GAME. Made by Transogram. Licensed by Hanna Barbera. 1961. Missing one lollipop piece. Game pieces are very good, board good, box has a name in marker on the cover. SOLD

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