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Item #GT30: SCHUCO SOLISTO CLOWN DRUMMER.Wonderful wind-up drummer, made in US Zone Germany, between 1946 and 1951. Original box. Toy is in near mint condition, box is very good (flaps have been taped). Original key. 4.5 inches high, in perfect working order. SOLD.

Item #GT10: DANCING HORSE. A wind up toy, made of plush over tin, this horse nods his head up and down, and twirls his tail, while moving in a circle. 6 inches high and 6 inches wide, from his nose to his tail. Glass eyes. Very good condition, with a few repairs to the plush fabric. C. 1930s. SOLD

Item #JV001: HANDSTAND CLOWN. Tin litho wind up, signed "DRGM" and "Made in Western Zone Germany". Clown balances and walks on his hands. Colorfully dressed in striped knickers, ornate shirt and hat, with yellow ballet slippers. 5 inches tall. 1950's. Very good condition, perfect working order, some rust spots.HOLD.

Item #JV002: BELLMAN WITH TRUNK. Tin litho windup, made by Gescha. Bellman, dressed in light blue uniform and cap, pushes trunk along, and hops on for a ride! He can ride on his stomach, his hands, do flips or just push the trunk - all while going along at top speed. Trunk has many labels from different cities of the world. Signed "Made in U.S. Zone Germany". 3 1/2 inches long. Near mint condition. 1950's. This is a very special toy. SOLD

Item #7003: GERMAN SPINNING TOY. Tin litho toy consists of man in a derby and checked pants . There is a red plaid canopy over his head, with four triangular panels hanging down. Spin the pole protruding from his head with your fingers and panels flare out to form a colorful striped parasol. Panels are all decorated with an arrow pointing down and the numeral 4. c. 1910's Maker unknown. 5 in. tall, including pole. Excellent condition with very little paint wear. $150.00

Item # 4345: DRUMMER BOY German tin mechanical toy. Fine condition. Very old plunger type toy. Push plunger and Prussian soldier beats his tin drum. Soldier in Black hat, high button collar uniform, drum is red, white, blue. 6 3/4 in. tall. Signed "DRGM" and "PW" on back. c. 1910. $250.00

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