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Item #JT99: TIN WIND UP REARING HORSE. This is a pretty nifty toy. When wound, he begins to dance, his tail twirls and he rears up on his hind legs. Made by Daiwa. All tin except for black rubber tail. Very nice condition. SOLD

Item #JT34: TAMBOURINE TEDDY WIND-UP. Adorable teddy bear in striped pants sways from side to side while playing two tambourines. Box is marked "Made in Japan" with NGT mark. Toy is near mint, box is just fair (The top is heavily taped). c. 1950. $85.00

Item #JT33: CLOWN LION TAMER WIND-UP. Tin clown waves a stick, while lion leaps about him in a circle (clown turns too - you'd never turn your back on a lion, would you?). The toy is signed "Made in Japan, and has the TPS mark. On the base there is a slot with the word, "insert". Apparently a stick is placed here so you can hold the toy out and watch it spin. Condition is excellent, except that lion appears to be missing his tail. c. 1950. $200.00

Item #JT32: CELLULOID CRAWLING BABY WIND-UP. Wind-up celluloid baby (vinyl head), with attached key. 4 inches high, 4 inches long. Wind her up and she crawls along. Clothes ar a little soiled, but works well. c.1960s. Unsigned. $45.00

Item #JT31:MECHANICAL BOXING LADS WIND-UP. Two black boys "duke it out" in the boxing ring. Original box. Signed "Japan" on each boy's back, and on box. Key wind, has original key. Wind it up and the wheels move forward and backward, causing the two boys to swing at each other. The boy in the blue trunks is obviously losing the fight, as he's already taken a shot to the face and the back of his trunks. A wonderful toy! SOLD

Item #JT30: RABBIT ON DONKEY WIND-UP. Cloth over tin rabbit with celluloid face, rides on cloth over tin donkey. Paper label says "Made In Japan". 7 inches tall, excellent condition, works perfectly, original key. $95.00

Item #JT96: CELLULOID ELEPHANT NODDER. An adorable gray and pink elephant, with raised trunk for good luck, who nods his head. Four inches long, in perfect condition. Signed "Made In Japan". c. early 1950s. SOLD.

Item #FM003: LADY PUSHING BABY CARRIAGE. Wind up toy, tin litho, made by Haji. Lady is dressed as a nursemaid, with blue polka dot dress, white apron and red shoes. Baby buggy has flip back top, red wheels and illustrations on sides. As the lady runs along, pushing the carriage, a bell on the end of the carriage rings. 6 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high. 1950's. Near mint condition. This is a super toy! SOLD

Item # 4543 : SHARP SHOOTER Alps celluloid windup. MIB (Box is Good), with key. Soldier crawls on belly while aiming gun. Gun hinged to fit in box. 8 1/2 in. long with gun extended, box is 7 1/4 in. Green uniform, brown boots, belt, gun. Box depicts war scene with tanks, horses, crawling soldier. Signed "Made in Japan" on toy and box, and "Alps" on box. c. 1940s SOLD .

Item #7006: YANKEE BAT BOY. Celluloid head, hands and feet, cloth body. Baseball uniform, holding a bat in right hand. Signed "Japan". 8 in. tall. Excellent condition. c. 1900 to 1910's. SOLD


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