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Item #PAV1:QUICK EASY JELL-O RECIPE BOOKLET. Jell-o recipe pamphlet published in 1930. Shows a row of maids holding jell-o desserts.on front and back cover. Inside recipes and color illustrations. 23 pages. Condition is very good, with one tiny missing chip in upper left of cover, and one .25 inch tear in right side of front cover. $15.00

Item #PAV2:THRIFTY JELL-O RECIPES. Jell-o recipe booklet published in 1931. Cover shows housewife arranging Jell-o dishes. 23 pages, with color illustrations. Very fine condition, small dirt spot on back cover. $15.00

Item #ADV16:KELLOGG'S FUNNY JUNGLELAND. Patented in 1907 and published in 1909. Inside are drawings of dressed animals. The book is divided into horizontal strips, so that you may arrange an elephant's head on a horse's body with a giraffe's legs, etc. There is a horizontal fold across the book and many minor small tears around the edge. In addtion, there are faint pencil scribblings on one edge of the cover. Inside images are all intact, and accompanied by funny poems. Kellogg's cereal is subtly plugged wherever possible, and the back cover has a sweet ad for Kellogg's Toasted Corn Flakes. Neat old advertising piece! $35.00

Item#SW161: "AGING" MECHANICAL TRADE CARD. This trade card depicts a soldier in Civil War uniform, with officer's braid on his shoulders. The caption says, "Before The War and After". Swing his hat around and it reveals an old and decrepit toothless man with bulbous nose. Card measures 2.25 inches by 4.75 inches. Condition is very good. SOLD

Item #5044: CHILDREN'S BOOK. "Uncle Wiggly's Snowball Ride", published by Whitman, 1933. Pictures Uncle Wiggly riding on a snowball on cover. Inside filled with full color illustrations. 6 1/2 inches X 7 inches. Very Good condition (Some wear and tear to binding) 1933. SOLD

Item #TB9: DOUBLE- SIDED TRADE CARD, BLACK SUBJECT. Card advertises Rising Sun Stove Polish. On one side wife is brandishing a hunk of stove blacking. The caption reads, "No Dinner!". On the other side, she is saying "Come in Ephraim!", as he cautiously pokes his head in the door. Card measures 3.25 inches high by 5.75 inches wide. Condition is excellent. SOLD

Item #TBBB01: 1917 TICKET TO CABARET AND BALL FOR BASEBALL TEAM. Admission ticket to cabaret and ball for the Long Island City Athletics, a baseball team. Dance was held on November 3, 1917 in New York. Back of the ticket has lyrics to song, "Where Do We Go From Here, Boys?". Mint condition. $25.00

Item #5033: BLUE AND GRAY FRUIT CRATE LABEL. Label from crate of oranges and grapefruits depicts Union and Confederate soldiers shaking hands. From Milne O'Berry Packing Co. of St. Petersburg, FL. Mint unused condition. C. 1930s.SOLD .

Item #4904: "COMPANION" PAPER DOLL. Uncut sheet from February 1920 edition of "Woman's Home Companion" magazine. Margery May, first in the series. Mint condition. 14 inches X 20 inches matted. 1920. $30.00

Item #4905: TRIPS TO MOTHER GOOSE LAND PAPER DOLL. Uncut sheet from "Woman's Home Companion", February 1918. By Henry Anson Hart. Standup figures. Mint condition. 14 inches X 20 inches matted. 1918. $40.00

Item #5032: JAYNE'S DOLLS. Uncut folder of paper dolls produced by Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge. Four-fold pamphlet on card stock contains two dolls and assorted outfits. Mint condition. 6 inches x 13 1/4 inches fully unfolded. 1895.SOLD.

Item #5042: BLUDWINE BOTTLING COMPANY BILLHEAD. Colorful, red, white and blue billhead from Bludwine Bottling Co. of Bridgeport, CT., a subsidiary of Coca Cola. 7 1/4 inches x 8 1/2 inches. Mint unused, directly from the warehouse. c. 1916. $4.00. Six for $20.00

Item #5034: BLUDWINE STATIONERY. Similar to above, but a full sheet of stationery. Same logo. 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches. Mint unused warehouse stock. c. 1916. $2.00. Six for $10.00

Item #5040: BIG LITTLE BOOK. "Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble", pub. by Whitman, 1967. Pictures Bugs, Elmer Fudd and Tasmanian Devil on front cover. Inside filled with full color cartoon illustrations. Fine condition. 1967. SOLD

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