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Item#HOL837: HALLOWEEN SHEET OF WITCH DIECUTS What a grouchy bunch of witches! A sheet of 38 scowling witch diecuts, each with a broom handle in her hand. Printed in Germany c. 1930s. Sheet measures approximately 9 inches by 6.5 inches. Excellent condition. SOLD .

Item#HOL202: HALLOWEEN WITCH ON BROOM DIECUT Super flying witch diecut in black, orange white and green. Made in Germany c. 1930. 8 inches high. One rub on her hand, and a few tiny specks of paint missing from her hair. Otherwise excellent condition. String for hanging. SOLD.

Item#HOL423: HALLOWEEN DIECUT BLACK CAT PLAYING BASS FIDDLE. Halloween decoration by H.E. Luhrs features black cat playing bass fiddle. 8 inches high. Made in USA. One crease goes across cat's neck and neck of fiddle, otherwise great condition. c.1940s. SOLD.

Item#HOL807: HALLOWEEN DIECUT SPIRAL BLACK CAT HANGING DECORATION. You don't come across these in such superb condition! This is a black cat with a solid face and forequarters, and a solid hindquarters, with spiral mid-body. The toy is punched out on the perforations, and hung by the red thread. This one has never even been punched! 6 inches in diameter. Absolute mint condition. German. c. 1930. SOLD.

Item#HOL806: HALLOWEEN WITCH AND MOON DIECUT A wonderful German witch and moon diecut, featuring wich with decorated hat, on broom and man-in-the-moon face. 5 inches in diameter, excellent condition, with string for hanging. c.1930. $175.00.

Item#HOL107: HALLOWEEN CAT AND JACK O' LANTERN CANDY CONTAINER Hard plastic container by Rosbro feaures black cat with jack o' lantern on his back. 2.5 inches high. Great condition. c. 1950. SOLD .

Item#HOL783: HALLOWEEN WITCH CANDLE Gurley witch with broom candle features witch in orange dress and black cape, with broom. 5 inches high, with original Gurley label and 25 cent price on the bottom. Unused. Small piece of cape missing on bottom hem in the back. Can be repaired by melting black crayon - I can do it for you, if you like. C. 1950. SOLD .

Item#HOL108: HALLOWEEN WITCH AND JACK O' LANTERN CANDY CONTAINER Rosbro Plastics candy container features witch in orange dress carrying a jack o' lantern. 4" high, very nice condition, with about 99% paint intact (tiny amount missing from witch's hat). c 1950s.SOLD .

Item#HOL58: HALLOWEEN NOISEMAKER Halloween rattle-type noisemaker by Kirchhof. This one features a witch, cat, bat and a satyr, with a jack o' lantern in the middle. Tin litho with wooden handle. Few minor scratches, but 95% of paint is intact. Just a super old piece! SOLD.

Item#HOL766: HALLOWEEN HAT BY DENNISON Not the usual orange Halloween hat with black decorations. This one sports the reverse colorway. A black crepe paper hat with orange flying witch . 12.5 inches high, including the fringe. Original Dennison's sticker inside. One small hole in the fold (invisible when displayed). c. 1930s. SOLD.

Item#HOL601: HALLOWEEN MOLD Here's something different! It's a chalkware and stone mold (perhaps for candy, maybe decorative elements?), that features a flying witch, a scary cat and a crescent moon. You won't find another one like this! 7.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.5 inches. $175.00.

Item#HOL301: HALLOWEEN TAMBOURINE This one's a little unusual. It's got a heavy paper table, and some unusual lithography around the sides. Unsigned, but the design looks like German from the thirties. Features cats on a fence and a smiling MAN IN THE MOON. Some missing paint along the rim, but 90% of it is there and the images look great. SOLD. .

Item#HOL764: HALLOWEEN JACK O' LANTERN STICKPINS A pair of goofy guys meant to be worn on your lapel or hat. Could even be used as part of a centerpiece or cake decoration. Heads are clay, with paper leaves. Really different. Approximately 1.75 inches long. They came out of a box of Halloween stuff from the 1930s. Excellent condition. SOLD .

Item#HOL427: HALLOWEEN WITCHES NOISEMAKER US Metal Toy lithographed tin noisemaker features walking and flying witches around the rim, and a center that includes a cat, bat, owl and pumpkin. Plastic handle. A few scratches and chips (nothing major) and a small split in the plastic handle near where it's attached to the metal. Brilliant colors. C. 1950. SOLD.

Item#HOL691: HALLOWEEN POSEABLE BLACK CAT A wooden cat with moveable leg and head, so you can pose him any way you like. Plastic eyes, red mouth and nose, red bow. Underneath the base it reads; "Copyright - Patents Pending. Knight & Knight, Inc. Providence, RI". There's a hole in the back of the base, and a smaller one in the back of the cat, as if this once resided on a stick. One eye is missing a small piece. Just adorable! SOLD .

Item#HOL478: HALLOWEEN SCREAMING DEVIL DIECUTS Wonderful scary triplets, with wide open eyes and mouths, red with blueish hair and yellow teeth and eyes. Approximately 3 inches by 5 inches. Mint condition. SOLD .

Item#HOL476: KRAMPUS DIECUTS German diecuts of black krampus heads with pink tonques. Fine detail and mint condition make this early example of lithography a special collectible. 21 heads in all, approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. SOLD .

Item#HOL87: HALLOWEEN DIECUT GERMAN CANDLE LANTERN Unused, never assembled candle lantern features black cat, witch, devil, owl and pumpkins. Original orange tissue. American, c. 1930s. Superb condition. $225.00.

Item#HOL322: HALLOWEEN PAPIER MACHE' LANTERN A Halloween classic! Papier mache' pumpkin candle lantern has bale handle and has never been used. 6 inches high, some rubbing on nose. No paper insert. SOLD.

Item#HOL323: HALLOWEEN PAPIER MACHE SKULL Pretty realistic looking papier mache' skull has a hole underneath for mounting on a pole. 7 inches high and 8 inches long with painted teeth. Very good condition, some rubbing on chin and back. c.1930s. SOLD.

Item#HOL324: HALLOWEEN OWL CANDY CONTAINER. A very large (16 inches) German pressed paper candy container, with glass eyes. Condition is near mint. A beauty!SOLD .

Item#HOL105: HALLOWEEN CLICKER. Black cats surround smiling jack o' lantern. Signed "Kirchoff". Very good condition with one or two small scratches. No rust. SOLD.

Item#HOL97: HALLOWEEN PARTY HORN. This is an old, old, very large party horn. Paper-covered, and 15 inches long, not including the long paper fringe! It works fine, is marked "U.S. Patent Sept 13, 1921, Marks Bros. Co., Boston, Mass." Wonderful images of cats, pumpkins, owls bats, witches, etc (see DETAIL). Near mint condition. HOLD .

Item#HOL109: HALLOWEEN CANDLE LANTERN. carboard and paper candle lantern, complete with bottom candle holder. Folds flat. No handle. Images of devil, owl, witch and cat, with orange tissue liner. Tear where handle used to go. Otherwise excellent. USA, c. 1930s SOLD .

Item#HOL111: HALLOWEEN DEVIL MASK/HAT. Unusual devil mask with banded honeycomb that fits over head. Excellent condition with cats and witches on band. c. 1930s USA. SOLD . .

Item#HOL81: HALLOWEEN OWL NOISEMAKER. Noisemaker depicts owl and Jack O' Lantern. By US Metal Toy. Faint scratches, and a tiny paint chip on edge. Plastic handle. c. 1950s. SOLD .

Item#HOL30: HALLOWEEN VEGETABLE HORN. A very rare item, especially in this condition. This vegetable horn is made of wood and pressed paper. It is in absolute mint condition, and it works. c. 1920s. $185.00.

Item#HOL31: HALLOWEEN CREPE PAPER FOLD. Made by Dennison in the 1910s, this is a complete crepe paper fold (10 ft long). It has one staple hole in the upper left corner, otherwise perfect. Depicts jack o' lanterns sitting by a fence with black cats.SOLD

Item#HOL53: HALLOWEEN HAT. Orange crepe paper hat features a black cat with gold trim. c. 1930s. Mint condition. HOLD.

Item#HOL33: LITTLE BISQUE WITCH. Cute little bisque witch, dressed in black dress, black hat with orange band, orange cape, and carrying a broom. 3.25 inches tall. Looks like a child dressed as a witch - not scary. Small amount of paint wear on edge of hat brim, and on back of cape. Otherwise, excellent. These are tough to find. "Japan" incised on back of dress. C. 1920s. SOLD.

Item#HOL29: TIN LITHO HALLOWEEN HORN. Plastic mouthpiece. Depicts witch, bat, owl, black cat, and two frightened boys. Signed "US Metal Toy". Condition is excellent, but horn does not produce a sound. 7.5 inches high. 1950s. SOLD .

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